Bishop Briggs Triumphs as Medusa in Spectacular Season 9 Finale of ‘The Masked Singer


“Unveiling the Electrifying Champion: Medusa Crowned Winner in The Masked Singer Season 9 Finale, Revealing Bishop Briggs as the Enigmatic Voice. Stunned fans also witnessed David Archuleta, the remarkable American Idol sensation, unveiled as the astonishing Macaw. The astute panelist, Nicole Scherzinger, proved her intuition once again, accurately predicting the true identities of both captivating performers.


“Unleashing the Triumph: Medusa Emerges Victorious in The Masked Singer, Revealing the Extraordinary Talent of Bishop Briggs!”

Medusa Reigns Supreme as Bishop Briggs, Claiming Victory in the Captivating Season 9 Finale of The Masked Singer! The fierce contestant left everyone astounded with her stunning renditions of “Elastic Heart” by Sia and “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance.

Throughout the season, Medusa’s unwavering determination propelled her to perform more than any other contender, including a comeback as a wildcard in the Quarterfinals. In a unanimous decision from both the panel and the audience, Medusa was hailed as the well-deserved winner. Prior to the grand revelation, the panel offered their final guesses, ranging from Grimes and Fergie to the unexpected Susan Boyle.


However, it was the brilliant deduction of Nicole Scherzinger that hit the bullseye, correctly identifying Medusa as the exceptional talent, Bishop Briggs. Overwhelmed with emotion, Bishop Briggs conveyed the immense significance of her participation on the show and joyfully expressed her gratification in being able to deliver an “emo anthem” for her unforgettable finale. As the curtains closed, she left a lasting impression, captivating the audience with a soulful performance of her hit song, “River.”


Melodic Majesty Unveiled: David Archuleta Soars as Macaw, Leaving a Resounding Impression in The Masked Singer Finale!

David Archuleta Soars as Macaw, Unveiling an Unforgettable Talent in The Masked Singer Finale. Showcasing his vocal prowess, Macaw enthralled the audience with powerful renditions of “Hold Back the River” by James Bay and “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen, leaving the judges in awe. Despite a fierce competition, Macaw secured an impressive second place.


The panelists speculated on his true identity, ranging from Jason Mraz to Neil Patrick Harris. However, it was Nicole Scherzinger who once again astutely guessed that the captivating performer was none other than David Archuleta, a sentiment echoed by Ken Jeong, who shared a touching personal connection to Archuleta’s journey. Emotions ran high as Archuleta opened up about his challenging path to self-acceptance, leading into a heartfelt performance of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction.

And with that, The Masked Singer Season 9 concludes, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming Season 10 slated to air later this year.

“Medusa’s Empowering Farewell: A Heartfelt Tribute and Resilient Message in The Masked Singer Finale”

Photo : Michael Becker FOX

Medusa’s Stirring Finale: A Touching Tribute and Empowering Message on The Masked Singer. In her poignant farewell, Medusa expressed her hope to make her son proud through her journey on the show. Her words resonated deeply: “We are capable of embodying multiple identities, finding joy amidst loss, and the fight for what truly matters.” With a resounding rendition of “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance, Medusa left an indelible mark.

Jenny, captivated by the performance, believed it to be a winning anthem, while Medusa herself cherished the opportunity to honor her late sister’s memory. This victory meant the world to her spirit and soul. Grateful, she expressed, “I truly needed this, and I thank you.”

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